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Hotel del Campo

Hotel Del Campo.
Your hotel in Matera.

Je suite.
Deluxe suites, junior suites,
and comfort rooms.

The chef’s rooms.
High cuisine, vegan dishes,
and customized menus.

Happy ending greetings.
Weddings, receptions, birthday parties.

Courtly gardens.
5000 square metres of greenery with pool.

Just a few minutes from the Sassi and the historical centre of Matera, we are happy to introduce you to our new hospitality facility: Hotel del Campo. From the eighteenth century to the present time, from the Ridola to the Passarelli - Dimona families, the property has remained the same as it ever was. The property is surrounded by gardens stretching as far as the eye can see, amid evocative scenery and exclusive atmospheres outlined by tuff stones forming round arches – just like a period painting, an inheritance handed down perfectly intact to our own times. This is the versatile and customizable setting we offer for your hotel needs in Matera.

First, second, and third room, set one within the other like the sheaves of wheat from which the establishment takes its name. It is one of the few restaurants in Matera that can boast so extensive and varied a menu. Continental breakfast and menus for vegans and the gluten intolerant are served in addition to a fresh look at local cuisine and the classic recipes of the Italian tradition. The eighteenth-century environments conserve artworks and antiques that belonged to Senator Ridola, who is remembered for his good taste and devotion to the world of art.

the Restaurant

Relax in our pool.

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