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Hotel del Campo

Rooms and Facilities

The 4-star hotel for your stay in Matera.

Hospitality is the first star. Comfort and exclusiveness are the second and the third, and the fourth star is for the special treatment we reserve for our guests.

35 rooms divided into deluxe suites, junior suites, and standard rooms, housed in an eighteenth-century facility that has left the original architecture intact.

Situated in the heart of the new part of the city and highly accessible, the hotel is strategically positioned to allow Sassi to be reached in a matter of minutes, and by any mode of transport. The interior environments, the exterior gardens, and the swimming pool create an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation.

Our offering for your stay in Matera includes standard services and facilities, which can be enriched with customizable packages.


Relax Room

Quiet and peaceful: these rooms are conceived for those looking for relaxing spaces and environments, far from daily life. Designed with class and elegance right down to the choice of materials and furnishing details, they offer the perfect balance between well-being and comfort.

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Junior Suite

In the interior re-design, the master area is the one that houses the junior suites, all overlooking the gardens surrounding the structure’s exterior spaces as far as the eye can see. The suites have canopy beds, and offer the possibility of choosing options with private terrace.

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